B007 Ep 105: Taxi Tehran


A 10 minute review of Jafar Panahi’s laugh out loud funny but deeply politically profound movie Taxi Tehran.  It stars Panahi as a taxi driver picking up a variety of strange and wonderful passengers, creating a collage of life in modern Iran with its highs and lows. The movie is currently on very limited release in the USA and goes on release in the UK on October 30th. A full written review can be found at http://www.bina007.com

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One thought on “B007 Ep 105: Taxi Tehran

  1. Taxi is an interesting movie. Iranian filmmakers do quite some surprising (regime/social critical) movies western, , … and are internationally quite successful with this. The climax was the Oscars for “The Separation” but they usually have lots of success in European and also Australian festivals.

    If you are interested check my posts related to Iranian cinema: http://theotheriran.com/tag/cinema/

    Take a look, you will find some surprises. Hope you enjoy the posts.

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