Ep 33: Captain Phillips


A 10 minute spoiler-free movie review of the stunning true-life thriller starring Tom Hanks as the freighter captain hijacked by Somali pirates.  Directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Identity), the movie is almost unbearable tense, and has a rare intelligence.

You can listen to the podcast directly here, subscribe to Bina007 Movie Reviews in iTunes here, or read the full written review here.

CAPTAIN PHILIPS will be released on October 11th in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Russia, the UAE, Finland, Iceland, Jamaica, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the USA. It opens on October 18th in France, Brazil, Ecuador, Ireland, Mexico and the UK. It opens on October 25th in the Philippines, Argentina, Denmark and Colombia. It opens on October 31st in Chile and Italy; on November 7th in Switzerland and Italy; on November 10th in Taiwan; on November 15th in Bulgaria and Uruguay; on November 20th in Belgium, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands and Turkey; on November 29th in Japan and on December 5th in Singapore.


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