Ep 30: Diana


A 10 minute review of the new Princess Diana biopic. Naomi Watts portrays a lonely Princess falling in love with a Pakistani heart surgeon in the two years before her death.  The result is a soupy melodrama lacking wit, insight or sympathy.

You can listen to a podcast review of DIANA here, subscribe to Bina007 Movie Reviews in iTunes here, and read a full written review here.

DIANA has a running time of 113 minutes and is rated 12A in the UK for strong language, brief land mine injury and surgical detail.

DIANA is on release in the UK, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland and Poland. It opens on September 26th in Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Serbia; on October 3rd in France, Italy, Russia and Sweden; on October 10th in Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, Estonia and Norway; on October 17th in Hong Kong and Japan; on October 25th in Brazil; on November 1st in the USA; on November 7th in Argentina and Finland; on November 14th in the Netherlands; on November 28th in Greece and Singapore; on December 13th in Spain; on January 9th in Germnany; and on February 6th in Chile.


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