Ep 17: I Want Your Love


A ten minute movie review of documentary film-maker Travis Matthews’ first feature, I WANT YOUR LOVE.  I reviewed this movie when it was re-released to coincide with Gay Pride in London, but only just got round to putting it up onto iTunes.The movie focuses on a group of gay friends in San Francisco on the weekend when thirtysomething conceptual artist Jesse has to return to his family in Ohio.  The movie explores Jesse’s ambiguous feelings about leaving, the difficulty of letting go of old relationships, and the doubt and vulnerability that comes with forging new ones. It’s a wonderful, naturalistic, intimate and – controversially – very sexually explicit film.

You can listen to the podcast directly here, or subscribe to Bina007 Movie Reviews in iTunes.
I WANT YOUR LOVE is rated 18 in the US and UK for explicit unsimulated gay sex.  It was on very limited release in London for Gay Pride.

2 thoughts on “Ep 17: I Want Your Love

  1. Excellent review. I look forward to seeing this one.

    So happy you name-dropped This Film Is Not Rated too, which is definitely one of the most important documentaries about the film industry to be released in the past decade.

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