Ep 8: Breathe In


A ten minute movie review of art-house darling Drake Doremus’ follow up to his critically acclaimed Like Crazy.  This new film, Breathe In, is a more mature, reflective drama with superb acting and beautiful lensing.  Guy Pearce (Prometheus) and Felicity Jones (The Archers) are subtle and nuanced in their roles as a middle-aged frustrated teacher and the talented ingénue with whom he falls in love. That said, the plot is hackneyed, the pacing slow and the tone uneven.

For a podcast review of this film, you can either listen directly here, or subscribe to Bina007 Movie Reviews in iTunes.

BREATHE IN has a running time of 98 minutes. It has been rated 15 in the UK for strong language. It played Sundance 2013 and is currently on release in the UK and Ireland.  It will be released in the Netherlands on November 7th. It does not yet have a release date in the USA.


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